About Great Swim Local

Come and join like-minded swimmers at various venues across the UK for open water swim sessions throughout the summer. Our premier locations have been chosen for their excellent facilities, great operators and brilliant locations, many of which host large scale events. 

All events are timed using the Great Swim Local wristband so you can track your progress at each session. Whether you want to swim with friends and have a natter or get your head down and push yourself a little harder, these swims are ideal for all swimming abilities.

Register once on the website, receive your wristband, and turn up at any of the Great Swim Local sessions to enjoy your swim. After your swim, simply go online to see your results. 

Please wear your wristband at all swim sessions as this acts as part of the Great Swim Local tracking system and ensures each swim session is recorded on your own profile area on our website.

Enjoy your swimming sessions in the open water!

How it works…..simply register and follow the steps 1, 2, 3


Register Now

Register on the website and receive your Great Swim Local wristband in the post


Start Swimming

Start Swimming

Check out the list of swim sessions (see Venue section), turn up at the appropriate time and make sure you've got a wetsuit to wear. There is no need to book your swim ahead of your chosen session


See your results

After your swim, simply go online to see your results for each session


If you would like to volunteer at Great Swim Local we would love to hear from you.


If you would like to become a Great Swim Local venue in the future please let us know here.


Great Swim Local is supported by Great Swim who organise open water swimming events across the country including the iconic John West Great North Swim in Lake Windermere. Take your challenge to the next level and sign up to a Great Swim event, distances range from 250m through to 10k.

To find out more go to www.greatswim.org